Friday Quotes: Normality

Sad But True

Friday Quotes

Dead Line

This is my baby's baby. My daughter's first major project under her Journalism course. It is still a work in progress but one glance at the film's poster I know this is going to be great. The script was done and they are now shooting for the scenes. I know how much my daughter gave her all for this project. Pinagpupuyatan nya to no! And no mother could be anymore prouder than I am. 

Blue Monday: Robinson Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run

Smiling Sally

It's been a month since I last run....and I am missing it. This is why I don't like rainy season, I don't get to go out much....sigh! So for Blue Monday I feature photos from the last fun run I attended. It's the Robinson's Fit and Fun Wellness Buddy Run held last August 10 at Bonifacio Global City. It's a buddy run, meaning you and your partner need to run the length of the race together. I have with me my good friend Tinay.

It's a rainy 5K run. But we don't mind the rain (or our shoes becoming heavy because it's wet). We had fun talking about everything, taking every photo opportunity we have and making fun of ourselves whenever we stop and walk instead. We finished at 51 minutes mark. Well, that is my time. My buddy can do it a lot better but she adjusted for me since I'm a slowpoke.

1K more

This is the most fun run I ever attended. Not just because you get to run with a friend, the event was well organized. And there are dozens of booths that's giving away free foods and stuff. From hotdogs, ham, sandwiches and oat meals to ice cream and fruits. There are different kinds of drinks too. From milk, chocolate drinks and fruit juices to different types of energy drinks. I'm sorry there's no pictures of the food. Too busy eating.

behind the crowd are the booths

the stage where they announced the winners

I had a photo op with our local celebrity Kuya Kim.

And you know what's the best part of this event? The loots! They gave away a bag-full of groceries. 

here are the contents of my lootbag

and I have an extra gift from Adidas

I really miss running. Hope that I find time soon to run again.

Blue Monday: Maxima Aqua Fun

Smiling Sally
Blue is the color associated with water and last June we, my husband, my super friends and I, had a splashing fun at Maxima Aqua Fun located at Ma-a, Davao City. 

entrance to the resort
The resort is a cliff. And with the absence of a sandy beach, the resort still boast of a fun-filled, adventurous activities. With an entrance fee of P200.00 you can enjoy diving and swimming at the ocean, the canopy walk (open on weekends only) and unlimited use of the giant slide.

dinah and the steep descent to the activity area
backdrop of different activities at Maxima
This is the giant tarpaulin slide extending 40 feet long. I was very nervous to try this but this is what we came for. My husband was the most hesitant among us. He said it is not the slide, it's the 'death-defying water drop'. But everyone tried the slide twice. It was a scream-all-you-want-heart-stopping 10 seconds of my life. The key is to relax and enjoy the moment. 

And here I go...

After the exciting slide it's time for more jump shots...

It's more fun in Davao!

Friday Quotes: Of Sons and Daughters

Blue Monday: Birthday Giveaways

Smiling Sally

These are photos from my niece's first birthday last June 1. It was a fun party and everybody had a good time. Especially the celebrant who enjoyed dancing with the party mascot.

Here are her parents wishing her good health.

I love the tarpaulin and the table arrangement for the party giveaways.

But my daughter was not pleased with what she got. Well, it's for the kids only. I have no idea who gave her that. She later gave hers to our neighbor's kid.

Friday Quotes: Uphill

Something to ponder on our coming mountain hike this June 16.....

Blue Monday: In The Dark

Smiling Sally

It's one of those nights when we experience a power interruption. Our street frequently suffer from power black out due to overloading because of 'jumpers'. To explain simply, 'jumpers' are hackers of electricity. But my nephew and my niece are oblivious about the power black out. They are enjoying themselves watching something from a Samsung tablet. They look very cute and innocent. 

Friday Quotes: Planning To Be Productive

Blue Monday: QC Fun Run

Smiling Sally

This is my first post for Blue Monday. I just love the color blue. Here I am wearing my finisher medal from last Sunday's fun run at QC Circle. I clocked in at 55 minutes for 6K category.

 I am with my friends and my husband. When you're with the people you love, everything is fun!

Friday Quotes: Life


Life is full of surprises and shocks
while we are planning and deciding 
our next move, 
our course of action
It moves in opposite direction,
without warning
while we spend a lifetime, 
thinking and planning
about our future, 
our loved ones
It takes a step further beyond our thinking
everything about life is always uncertain
the only thing constant thing about it is 
it is always moving
so keep moving, 
keep smiling always

~ Anjali

Friday Quotes: Of Being Older

Back to 9gaging

My daughter introduce me to 9gag. It's a social networking site that features photos, videos, gifs or anything that's meant to entertain its visitors. It's also a good way of procrastinating. Time passes by with you smiling and finishing nothing. When work got seriously busy I forgot about 9gag. I need to devout my time to my work (and blogging...and facebook...and twitter...hehehe) and house work of course. But since last week, I am getting so bored at work I am dozing off in the middle of a phone call. Maybe it's the weather. It's too hot for my brain to function well. And so, I visited again, just to wake up (sort of) my brain cells. Now, I'm back to 9gaging, but mostly on my free time or when my  brain shuts down with what my client is saying since I'm too sleepy to listen. Magically 9gag works! I would steal a minute or two to browse the site and I am fully awake. Here are some of my wake-uppers:

'nice try'

'wise words my lord'

'where kids come from'

'to all the guys out there'

'politics in a nutshell'