February Photo A Day Challenge #28....

This is my most favorite breakfast during office time. Coffee, blueberry muffins and Yakult!

A Picture In Our Family Room

February Photo A Day Challenge #27....

These are picture frames from the living room of my parents. It includes a photo of Sir Chief and Maya which we consider a family.

My Geeky Side

February Photo A Day Challenge #25....

My geeky side is all about books!

me at my favorite place...National Bookstore

my bookshelf at home...mostly I read e-books now

Holding Hands

February Photo A Day Challenge #24....

What I'm Reading

February Photo A Day Challenge #22....

This is what I'm reading now after Life of Pi, which took me forever to finish.

Friday Quotes: How To Have A Lovely Day

Best Part Of My Day

February Photo A Day Challenge #21...

Sleeping is the best part of my day. I've been tired for the longest time and I miss sleeping for hours.

A Gift

February Photo A Day Challenge #19....

This is  a gift from my husband last Christmas.


February Photo A Day Challenge #18....

The closest to nature I have ever experience is our journey to the top of Mt. Pinatubo. It's a two-hour hike to the top and a four-hour near-death voyage downhill because of the storm we encounter. All for this magnificence....

Something I See Every Morning

February Photo A Day Challenge #15

Can I change the subject to 'Something I Hate Every Morning'. I am not a hateful person but every morning, before going to work, I always saw our neighbors outside and it ruins my day. They always stay outside of their house, talking loudly and bragging about anything to anyone who passes them. They usually did this speaking in a very obnoxious and foul-mouthed way. They eat outside, washed clothes on the street (making everything wet), get drunk until the wee hours of the night and surprisingly they are all up early in the morning doing their loud routines. And they don't even care about the people or their surroundings. Everything was dirty with them and they can get away with it. I don't know how. We already tried reporting them to the local baranggay but it seems that one of the member of their family is a baranggay tanod (local peace keeper). I attempted this morning to take a picture of them for the sake of this challenge but I didn't. It's rude, even for their kind. So, in representing them I will post this picture instead. Is it too much?

Friday Quotes: Conflicts

One True Love

February Photo A Day Challenge #14

No questions asked, my daughter is my one true love.

The Color Red

February Photo A Day Challenge #13...

Obviously, it's the season of hearts therefore I am featuring a giant heart balloon infront of SM malls. I would have uploaded a picture of my bleeding heart if only I can. I'm such a drama queen! My husband and I had a minor disagreement. I disagree with him and he treats me like a minor. Well, tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I am not expecting anything. Just some flowers and chocolates and a dinner and a sincere SORRY from him. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

A Bad Habit

February Photo A Day Challenge #12

I am a telenovela addict. I never let myself miss my favorite show such as the one below. It's a bad habit because I sometimes leave some work aside just to watch my teleserye. But as long as I am enjoying I don't think I would give up watching. Try sometime, you'll get addicted too. My favorite as of now are Be Careful with My Heart, Juan Dela Cruz,and Ina, Kapatid, Anak.

My Sky

February Photo A Day Challenge #11

This is what I love when taking a ride via airplane and having a window seat...the view! It feels like I can touch the clouds. 

What I Wore

February Photo A Day Challenge #10

This is what I wore last time a construction is done here at the office. It's a regular dust mask. I like to wear this outside while commuting because of the heavy population. If only the people won't think of me as a sickly person.

A Furry Friend

February Photo A Day Challenge #9

I was striking a pose for my solo picture when a furry friend gets in the way. Notice the dog photobombing me? 


February Photo A Day Challenge #8....

Their smiles are what matter most...

Friday Quotes: Thank You God

Something I Look Forward To

February Photo A Day Challenge #7.....

This is what I am looking forward to on our upcoming Palawan trip come October. I want to witness one of the new seven wonders of nature, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. This is something that makes us Filipino proud therefore it's definitely worth a visit.

Signs, Signs: Bed (Shit)

Who would want to buy this? I wont!

D is for...

D is for.... Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon. This is the place where I conquered my fear of heights. Who would have thought that I could do the longest zipline in Asia! My husband  saw me as a fragile person and for me I am the clumsiest there is.

These are my travel companions....

It was a foggy flying afternoon....

Here I am trying to be brave before mounting the zipline....

And here I go....

Out of Danger at last!

Guilty Pleasure...Eating, Of Course!

February Photo A day Challenge #6....

Need I say more? I am on a perennial diet but I have a strong weakness to food! Guess I will never be successful in achieving a beach worthy body (hah!).

My Family

February Photo A Day Challenge #5....

This is my family, minus my husband. This picture was taken last New Year's eve celebration. My husband was at work when this picture was taken, but he was able to join us later.  My brother Erick was not also included in the photo since he is busy drinking with our neighbors outside.

Inside Joke

February Photo A day Challenge #4......

When I was in college I become very irritated and I suddenly blurted out in front of my friends the phrase "Punta ako ng SM, gusto kong mapag-isa!". Of course they laughed very hard. SM is a mall full of people, so how can I be alone? They never took what I said seriously. And since then it become an inside joke among us that if you want to be alone....go to SM malls!

Something That Made Me Laugh

One of the funniest person I knew is my nephew Mirko. He never runs out of crazy antics. He loves to give a show. He would do anything to get your attention to the point that it will drain your patience. Well, what do you expect, he is just a kid.

Here he is as Batman doing his stunts and entertaining me while I do the laundry. Notice the Batman sticker on his nose?

Well, you guess it right. He is a monkey here.

And now, the wonder boy from Hogwarts minus the scar and the glasses...Harry potter!

The Color Pink

February Photo A day Challenge #2.....

She is not my daughter but I love her. She's a daughter of a friend. But she was conceive under a very difficult situation. I'm sorry but I cannot fully divulge the details. Let's just say that she almost did not see the world. She prevails after everything that's been tried to do to her. She's very strong and I envy her mother for having a beautiful daughter. Until today she was being deprive of the basic rights due to her like being recognized as her mother's own daughter. But I can't be angry at my friend. She is going through her toughest times too. I just hope that in the end everything will be well for the both of them.


And for my first entry on my February Photo A day Challenge....

This was taken last week during my Camiguin trip with friends. We are dipping in Ardent Hot Spring when this was taken. One of the many springs around the province of Camiguin. I really love the place and I am looking forward on coming back to the province.

February Photo a Day Challenge

I saw a post from my niece's instagram account and it caught my attention. It's a photo challenge, but I don't know the source. But I'm doing it here on my blog, sort of a challenge for me if I can keep up.

Here is the prompter....