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My daughter introduce me to 9gag. It's a social networking site that features photos, videos, gifs or anything that's meant to entertain its visitors. It's also a good way of procrastinating. Time passes by with you smiling and finishing nothing. When work got seriously busy I forgot about 9gag. I need to devout my time to my work (and blogging...and facebook...and twitter...hehehe) and house work of course. But since last week, I am getting so bored at work I am dozing off in the middle of a phone call. Maybe it's the weather. It's too hot for my brain to function well. And so, I visited again, just to wake up (sort of) my brain cells. Now, I'm back to 9gaging, but mostly on my free time or when my  brain shuts down with what my client is saying since I'm too sleepy to listen. Magically 9gag works! I would steal a minute or two to browse the site and I am fully awake. Here are some of my wake-uppers:

'nice try'

'wise words my lord'

'where kids come from'

'to all the guys out there'

'politics in a nutshell'

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