Friday Quotes: Uphill

Something to ponder on our coming mountain hike this June 16.....

Blue Monday: In The Dark

Smiling Sally

It's one of those nights when we experience a power interruption. Our street frequently suffer from power black out due to overloading because of 'jumpers'. To explain simply, 'jumpers' are hackers of electricity. But my nephew and my niece are oblivious about the power black out. They are enjoying themselves watching something from a Samsung tablet. They look very cute and innocent. 

Friday Quotes: Planning To Be Productive

Blue Monday: QC Fun Run

Smiling Sally

This is my first post for Blue Monday. I just love the color blue. Here I am wearing my finisher medal from last Sunday's fun run at QC Circle. I clocked in at 55 minutes for 6K category.

 I am with my friends and my husband. When you're with the people you love, everything is fun!

Friday Quotes: Life


Life is full of surprises and shocks
while we are planning and deciding 
our next move, 
our course of action
It moves in opposite direction,
without warning
while we spend a lifetime, 
thinking and planning
about our future, 
our loved ones
It takes a step further beyond our thinking
everything about life is always uncertain
the only thing constant thing about it is 
it is always moving
so keep moving, 
keep smiling always

~ Anjali