Year-end Quotes

Some inspirational quotes before we end the year 2012...

Happy New Year everybody!

Food Trip Friday: Palabok


This is my first entry for Food Trip Friday and I am featuring...Palabok! This is a favorite for every handaan. And since it's the holiday season I am eating this almost everyday. They came as gift or simply pakain from friends and colleagues.  And I never get tired of it's filling and delicious taste. 

This one is from Aling Banang's in Mandaluyong where we eat on the way  to Policarpio St. 



Wordless Wednesday: Gifts

It's the gift-giving season and here are some of the gifts I received from my suppliers...I feel loved!

....and there's more to come :-)

Signs, Signs : Rubber Funnel

For my first entry in Signs, Signs here are some rubber funnels I came by at a thrift shop. The sign says 'Fragile: If you break it, you'll pay for it'. But as you can see, the funnels are made out of rubber.

Mellow Yellow Monday: Despicable Me 2


Despicable Me is one of my feel-good movie. My daughter and I could watch it over and over again and still fall in love with the minions.  Can't wait for the sequel.

A Trip to Policarpio St.

Finally, my husband took me to see the houses along Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong. Eversince I heard about the grandiose Christmas decors of the residents in Policarpio I am wanting to go there. I'm not into decorating our house with Christmas accessories,  I am that lazy. But I enjoy watching our neighbors when they showcase their newly installed Christmas lights. At least I have an eyeful while they took care of the electrical bills.

The walk along Policarpio Street is just short. Reminder: don't go there as early as 6pm. Due to our excitement we went there early. It was a ghost town! So, we went somewhere to eat first. We came back around 7:30pm and alas... there was light!

If you have a car, you have to park outside the gate since non-resident vehicles are not allowed inside starting at 7pm. So we parked our 2-wheeled vehicle outside the gate.

Houses near the gate are simply decorated. Actually, I only find 3 to 4 houses that fascinates me. All we did was took pictures, what else. I thought there would be tiange and food stalls. Anyways, here are what we find:
length of Policarpio St.

the house of Santa Claus

the most lighted house on the street (I wonder how much their electrical bill)

yes, those are shoes

this made my eyes hurt

very simply lit house

very colorful

more lights

more lights please!

Well, I am happy with my visit at Policarpio. But not that ecstatic. Maybe because I expect more. But it's nice to see people took time to visit the place and bring the spirit of Christmas alive even in the most simplest form such as taking pictures. 

some of the patrons of Policarpio St.


Happy December 12, 2012....


 I grew up frequenting Luneta Park. My parents took us there when we are kids. I went there with friends (and boyfriends) during college times. And when I became a mom this is the first park I took my daughter to. Luneta has been recently rehabilitated to attract more local and foreign visitors. For me it is better to frequent the park than the mall.

me and my daughter and the map of the philippines

we are very lucky to witness a show at Concert at the Park, usually it's close

the picnic grounds of Luneta park

that is Lapu Lapu on the background and me eating green mango at the center

the famous statue of Dr. Jose Rizal

the main attraction of the park, the dancing lights

Mellow Yellow Monday: Baguio Souvenirs

I am posting my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday on a Tuesday. Sorry for the late post. Work and household chores are getting in the way of my blogging. 

These are souvenirs from Baguio City given by my officemates who took a vacation at the summer capital of the Philippines last weekend.

My daughter is in Baguio also for here retreat. I wonder what's her pasalubong for me.

It's December 1st!

It will be Christmas soon....happiness!!!

When I'm Sad

Every (Damn) Week

Mellow Yellow Monday: Peppa Marie


This is my first entry for Mellow Yellow Monday. And I want to introduce my niece's stuff toy...Peppa Marie! I would have opt for a photo of my niece but I can't find anything with yellow in it. The fact that I am featuring Peppa is because I am missing my niece terribly. She and and her mother moved out of my parent's house because of some personal reason. That is why we seldom see our baby now. Well, the next time she visits I will take a picture of her in her cute yellow dress. 


Hello everyone! I've created this blog with the intention of making this a photo blog. See, I love taking pictures of my self and everything around me. But mostly I love taking pictures of myself (ha ha ha). In here I will share my favorite photos, quotes and other images that exactly describe what I want to say. This would also be my travel journal, though I am not a travel enthusiast. Not yet! Let just say that if I am not in the mood to write anything I would just share pictures and images of what I feel. 

About the title, it was inspired by what my friend Dinah said when we were taking our pictures during a swimming party. She said that a photographer told her that it is better to say "walis" than say "cheese" because the jaw is more relaxed, hence the smile looks more natural. And in this blog every smile is welcome, the more natural the better! :-)

You can still visit me at my other site. So, enjoy, strike a pose and say....walis!!!!