Throwback Thursday : Cousins

This is not an old picture...this is ancient! I am the one in the middle wearing the white dress. We are a t a birthday celebration of one of our cousin. Starting today, every Thursday, I will try to post old pictures that have sentimental value for me. Like this one. I miss the carefree days of being a child. The games we played and the fun we had during those times. We are a big family and I have almost fifty (50) cousins, on my father's side only. And I love them all. 

I Am A Snapdragon!

I tried the quiz 'What Kind of Flower Are You?' from This Garden Is Illegal blog. And according to the result...I am a Snapdragon!

I don't know what a Snapdragon is and I never seen one before. But according to Google, Snapdragon got its name from the fact that you can gently squeeze the sides of this intricately shaped flower and see the jaws of the dragon head snap closed. And it has gorgeous color variations, too. 

Yeah, I guess I am Snapdragon. Don't rub me in the wrong places or you will see the jaws of a dragon. And with my mood swings, it represents different mood colors. Plus, I am born under the Earth Dragon sign. 

Welcome 2014!!!

New Year comes to give us a fresh hope, 
For a better future and success 
New Year gives us dream for that 
We will face challenges with confidence 
On this New Year...May your dreams and hopes 
Succeed with the blessings of God 
Happy New Year and Seasons Greetings!!!