C is for...

I missed last week's ABC Wednesday since I'm on vacation. But my post for this week is from my recent experience on my Cagayan de Oro trip. Here goes...

C is for.... Cagayan River. I am not a swimmer but I will brace my self and try the famous white water rafting along Cagayan River, just for experience.

And as expected, our rubber boat Capsized...

Surprisingly, I find myself enjoying that moment. Though I never said anything that time since some of my friends somewhat traumatized by what happened. Guess, there's another C for that....Courage! Here's us doing a celebratory high five after conquering another rapid!

Leslie's Books

My daughter would be the happiest if I completed everything in here....

African Man

And for my first entry for ABC Wednesday....A is for African Man! This is my daughter's art project for her history class. It is made out of cardboard and styroball. 

Food Trip Friday: Rice Pilaf


Be angry if you must but I don't care. I really just can't get enough of this Rice Pilaf. Blame my brother Bob who cooks for us last Christmas and New Year's eve. Among all his dishes this is my favorite. I know what you're thinking....it's carbohydrate. Again, I don't care! I can loose the pounds if I want to. I just want to enjoy this every time there's a chance. They say that the Fiesta Ham is the "Star of the Noche Buena". Well, I beg to disagree. I only heart this....

As for the recipe, I still have to ask my brother. I am not much of a cook so I have no idea how this become this. But I promise to post the recipe on my other blog. Let's eat!

Wordless Wednesday: Rice Pilaf and Kare-Kare

Had four servings of this last New Year's eve....burp!

Mellow Yellow Monday: New Year Feast


Here is a photo of our New Year's Eve feast. A lot of yellow to go around, right? My favorite dish of the night is the Rice Pilaf and my mom's Kare-Kare. Diet? Who me? Nah!!!