Hello everyone! I've created this blog with the intention of making this a photo blog. See, I love taking pictures of my self and everything around me. But mostly I love taking pictures of myself (ha ha ha). In here I will share my favorite photos, quotes and other images that exactly describe what I want to say. This would also be my travel journal, though I am not a travel enthusiast. Not yet! Let just say that if I am not in the mood to write anything I would just share pictures and images of what I feel. 

About the title, it was inspired by what my friend Dinah said when we were taking our pictures during a swimming party. She said that a photographer told her that it is better to say "walis" than say "cheese" because the jaw is more relaxed, hence the smile looks more natural. And in this blog every smile is welcome, the more natural the better! :-)

You can still visit me at my other site. So, enjoy, strike a pose and say....walis!!!!
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